Raising little human beings is about raising a parent’s consciousness

Raising little human beings is about raising a parent’s consciousness

Mital Patel is professionally a chemist from New Jersey and her passion in life is to
consciously serve ancient wisdom for modern lifestyle. She is an Ayurveda enthusiast
and an advocate of conscious living.

She is passionate about raising consciousness and rising as joyful beings. She loves
living consciously and practicing mindfulness around and with her kids.

In her words ‘We parents spend the majority of our time parenting and building our
career. And because most of time is spent maintaining already stressful and complex
lives, we often neglect to heal our inner child which needs to be taken care of to raise
the consciousness of our family’.

“Raising little human beings is about raising a parent’s consciousness”.

Each new phase feels like a fresh start—a chance for new things that are even better
than the last phase.

And on that note, don’t you think it’s about time you took your parenting skills to the
next level?

I can pretty much guarantee, no single choice will do more for your well being this year
than learning how to be more conscious!

I know we parents or kid-lovers can seem a bit extra at times but living consciously
and intentionally can keep us grounded.

But the real talk here is that teachers get training, coaches get certifications, Doctors
get rotations every profession involves training and education. Isn’t it? Do we get
training for parenting?

Parenting is so easy
…. said no parent ever!!!
Since kids don’t come with a blueprint for parenting, can we become more conscious.
You might be wondering: What is conscious living in the first place?
Conscious living is a lifestyle where we become aware of our awareness and be
mindful even in times of pandemic, economical crashes and adversities.
For example you wake up your child in the morning to go to school/ and for
homeschooling in the current time – how many of us have to raise our volume a little to
wake them up? Probably many of us.

Noticing this habit and wanting to do something about this is about raising our
consciousness. Seeking for help is not a weakness, instead a strength.

And Parenting consciously doesn’t mean being perfect or getting it right all the time,
but it is about evolving together.

If we want to change our life and be the change-maker in the world all we have to do is
raise our consciousness. Start from body consciousness to mind consciousness which
then leads us to soul consciousness. To do that we can look into Ayurveda, holistic
science of life. Let’s bring simplicity and normality back to life.
“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

I absolutely love this quote because we parents can not be with our kids all the time so
we need to guide our kids to how to think instead of what to think. How can we do
that? Just by simply being and doing. Kids are great imitators, they mirror us. That’s
why my mantra in parenting my kids is “do as I do and not do as I say”.

Our kids absorb our energy, so we parents need to be mindful of what are we radiating
to them. So let’s be conscious and give what we really want our kids to do/be.

It is all in our being and doing, because our actions speak louder than our words. So
Let’s raise our consciousness and adopt practices that serve us and our kids.

Also remind yourself that goal of parenting is not to create perfect child but rather a
child who can serve their higher purpose by being mindful.

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