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Mónica Gisella is a certified Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant. She is the director of Prana With Love where she offers online Ayurvedic consultations and dosha-customized meal plans to her clients. Originally from Colombia, she spreads Ayurveda’s message in English and Spanish, and believes her dharma is to help those that don’t have access to alternative forms of medicine, so she works in particular with the hispanic community. Mónica Gisella has spent the last five years using her personal and career experiences, as well as education, to help others overcome different health issues and give them the support they need to restore their health and make Ayurveda a part of their lives. She knows there is no single approach that works for everyone, so she places great importance on the three primary life forces of the body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, as a fundamental tool to provide her clients with the most comprehensive program. She received her education from the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Mónica Gisella lives in South Florida with her husband. “HOW TO USE MUSIC TO PACIFY YOUR DOSHA” Much is said about diet in Ayurveda. It is undeniable the relationship that exists between the foods you eat and the way your body and mind function. Not to mention the effect food has on your emotions as well. However, if we are to learn something from Ayurveda, is that right living goes beyond dietetics? Ayurveda, the Science of Life, provides us with an integral perspective when healing our bodies. An appropriate treatment may include herbal medicine, nutrition, bodywork, and spirituality, among others. Ayurvedic medicine is therefore regarded as a holistic healing system. One that may also include color therapy, gems, and even music to pacify a provoked dosha. Music, interestingly, can be added to your lifestyle as a measure to keep your constitution in balance. And I say interesting, because oftentimes you think of music as standard for everybody. A famous song may be a hit, but without you knowing it can be aggravating your senses and your constitution. The first question to ask yourself is if you already know your dosha. I believe that by knowing that information you can feel more empowered in taking better decisions for your health. The three main humors in Ayurveda are: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and each of them get pacified by unique rithms. This is where the beauty of Ayurveda resides: differentiation. How awesome is that? Ayurveda truly believes that one size does not fit all. Ayurvedic principles that may come in handy to know what type of music to listen to are “Like Increases Like” and the rule of “Opposites”. To apply them, there needs to be first a comprehensive understanding of the qualities that you feel exacerbated and then using the opposite qualities to bring calm and healing. MUSIC FOR VATA Vata, the biological air humor, is the motivating force behind the other doshas. It is the one responsible for movement and most processes in the body. Its subtle and agitated qualities make it easy to get aggravated, more so than the other two doshas. When Vata is aggravated there might be sensory disorientation and confusion. A feeling of not being here and now. Of being mindless. Fear and anxiety are also common. Music plays a critical role to pacify a person who is feeling Vata aggravated. Because Vata is light, you need to listen to music that grounds you. A slow, soft melody with mellow tones may help you become present and less “spacy”. String instruments are good to align Vata because of their earthy tones. Jazz and classic guitar are always a good option. MUSIC FOR PITTA Pitta, the biological fire humor, has a fiery mentality. It is common that if you are Pitta aggravated you are suffering from short temper and impatience. Pitta is hot, sharp, and mobile. Pitta is the one responsible for digestion of foods and emotions. If you are feeling angry and upset, playing the right kind of music can make a big difference! By using the principle of opposites you can diminish those Pitta qualities. Listen to music that is calming and slow. Sooth your emotions with melodies that are rhythmic and sweet. Be mindful of the lyrics of the songs as they can aggravate your senses too. It would be best to listen to songs that include water sounds like in yoga or native american flute music. MUSIC FOR KAPHA Kapha is the biological water humor. Kapha dosha provides support to your body and relates to beautiful feelings like love and compassion. Out of balance, though, can lead to sluggishness and attachment. Kapha is wet and cold. It is heavy and dull. When you are feeling in such a state, you can help yourself feel more revitalized and alive by listening to the right kinds of music. Go for melodies that take you out of stagnation and depression. Energizing music like latin or afro american rhythms can do the trick. Adding a little bit of dancing would be wonderful too! You are always changing and transforming based on your current lifestyle. You might find that, even though your constitution is normally Vata, you are feeling a little lethargic today – a Kapha quality. Then, find balance by assessing your current state and choose music that brings peace to your heart. And a smile to your face. Always Wishing You a Healthy Journey!! Monica Gisella Certified Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant

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