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Muskan Soni, is a third year student, pursuing Ayurveda Medicine from India. She is a Wellness Enthusiast and a Spiritual Junkie sharing glimpses of her journey as a student-doctor while bringing to you the Wellness of Ayurveda, Personal Growth, Inspiration and Mental health talks.


As a 21st century younger generation, I’d like to believe weʼre the most cool, chilled
and advanced youth. But would you also agree to me if I said weʼre the most
anxious, stressed and depressed youth? How do you think we manage both ?
Do we really manage both sides ? Maybe weʼre more prone to highlighting our highs
and suppressing our lows. Do you consider that managing both sides ?
As a young health & wellness enthusiast, Iʼve slowly realised that maybe weʼre not
that smart as we pretend to be. Maybe weʼre not that chilled as we pretend to be.
Because if we were, we wouldnʼt really be stressed or depressed. And here, Iʼd like
you to keep my ego down and accept this.
We, as a whole generation believe in quick fixes. We want things done immediately.
And until it has a supposedly westernised “scientific proof”, weʼre not gonna believe
Same applies to our physical and mental health. We would be willing to intake soda
drinks after a heavy meal to not let our system get upset. But we wonʼt be willing to
intake the food consciously and in proportion to “prevent” the body system from
getting upset. Do you get me ? We wait for problems to arise, and then would
supposedly go after “scientifically proven” methods to suppress it.
Do you recognise the problem here? We donʼt believe in preventing or curing the
problem anymore. We just try to suppress it until it arises again, knowingly or
Well, at this point of time, I’d like to introduce you to something. Something that is
our own and something that has never let us down. Iʼm asking you to get back to
your roots, to get back to Ayurveda and Spirituality.
What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a profound holistic healthcare system and approach
to life. It is one of the main forms of healing given to mankind by ancient teachers
thousands of years ago. Ayurveda offers life-promoting wisdom designed to help you
stay vital while realizing your full human potential.
Furthermore, it gives guidelines on daily living and seasonal routines, diet and the
healthy use of the senses. Ayurveda recognizes that health is a dynamic integration
of body, mind, and spirit with your environment. Ayurveda is to the body what
meditation is to the mind. It isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity that must become our way
of life. Take the first step to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Begin your wellness
journey today. Ayurveda is simply the science of understanding your unique self and
being who you are meant to be !
Spirituality is a state of consciousness, a state of observation, willing to provide you
with the highest level of mental, emotional and spiritual health. Why am I suggesting
Ayurveda and Spirituality for youth? Because we need to take a step back from our
hectic and hasty life and take a look at ourself (Thank God for quarantine). To
analyse where do we stand in our life with respect to aspects that matter more than
anything else i.e. mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspect.
Starting to live Ayurvedic life would mean tuning yourself to the cycles of nature,
listening to your body, nourishing your sense organs, and taking care of your Agni
(digestive fire). Slowly turning to follow Dinacharya (daily rituals suggested by
Ayurveda), Ritucharya (seasonal rituals) and Sadvritta (codes of conduct). Starting to
live Ayurvedic life would mean analysing your Prakriti (your unique mind-body
constitution), and making changes in your diet, workout and lifestyle as per your
unique Prakriti. This way you wonʼt be exhausting yourself to try every other diet or
workout available on Internet. This way you will be able to start to learn your body
and learn what diet and workout routine works for you and what doesnʼt. Ayurveda is
a beautiful science, and for us, younger generation, it will help us live our youth in
our full potential without exhaustion to “reach” a certain point and will help us age
Ayurveda makes us understand that each individual has itʼs own individuality and
that thereʼs no need to compare oneʼs lifestyle to another. Because what may work
for one may not work for another. Thus helping us live a relaxed life. Ayurveda is
your saviour from sickness. The earlier you realise this, the better! Itʼs the need of an
hour! World is realising it slowly. The spiritual dimension of life tries to be in harmony
with the Universe, and strives for answers about the infinite, and usually comes into
focus when we faces emotional stress, physical illness, or death. As you dive slowly
into spirituality, youʼll notice the connection between spiritual practices and emotional
Hereʼs a quote written by Thomas Merton, that I feel we need to understand : “You
do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going.
What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present
moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.” Thatʼs all folks, thank
you for taking our time to read. I hope you atleast allow a bit of Ayurveda and
Spirituality into your life! ♥

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